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Welcome to the Portal, the only one-stop console to manage your cash management operations.

Contact us to get more information on the features and availability of the portal for your requirements.

Discover the transactional features of the Portal:

Fund Transfer
Transfer funds between your accounts or to a third party.

Account Balance
Review your accounts and their balances.

Secure Email
Create, inquire and follow-up your secure email demands.

And much more...


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Welcome to eBaraka

The joy of Online Banking

Internet Banking Service Around the clock!

With eBaraka you can handle most of your banking services securely from the privacy of your home, office or any other location.

eBaraka offers you online, real-time access to your accounts along with other unique features that are constantly updated.

Important Notice: Please be aware that alBaraka Bank s.a.l. will never ask its customers for their password nor update their information via email.


Al Baraka Bank s.a.l - Official list of Banks No.: 109 (1992).                                                        
Online Banking Service  BDL Approval No. 565/11 dated December 12 ,2012